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Public places / events

Village fetes, multi use public buildings, open air events, places where there are or will be large gatherings of the general public pose different kinds of risks.

The key question to ask is, “do we have adequate fire escapes and trained fire wardens to ensure all occupants can be safely evacuated from the areas?”

Detailed fire risk assessment and robust procedures and plans are vital. Event / venue organisers must have at least one assigned "responsible person".

The responsible person

Not wishing to sound too scarey but the responsible person could be prosecuted should things go wrong therefore make sure you assign this role carefully to somebody who is competent, willing and trained. 

At Help and Safety at Work we can give advice to this person and all of their team.

Event marshals 

Many events ask for volunteers to assist with members of the public checking tickets, site directions etc. The best organised events are the ones where marshals and helpers are both visible and helpful. We provide group training for fire wardens and team members.

General site safety

Do the basics - make sure you have eliminated risks of slips, trips and falls. This sounds obvious but may get overlooked in the excitement of organising your event. Again we help many organisations in this area of safety.

What can we do for you?

Of course we can do all aspects of fire safety and risk assessments but here's three to get you thinking...


  1. Emergency planning - is everyone accounted for?
  2. Health and safety risk assessments - look out for slips, trips and falls
  3. Signage - are escape routes obvious?
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Safety at our site in London is imperative and by using HASAW they have on many occasions, designed, produced and delivered the appropriate fire signage to help keep the site safe

Leona Varley
Covent Garden Market Authority, London

Having recently joined the club I found Mark particularly helpful in organising a list of safety checks that were needed for the club to ensure compliance

Tim Knight
Porters Park Golf Club, Radlett, Hertfordshire
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