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Shared Living - what you need to know and do to be safe!

Shared living = shared responsibility, do your bit & encourage others.

As a landlord you should be regularly inspecting your properties to ensure everything is safe and in working order. We can work with you to help identify all the risks and make sure you comply with the Sleeping Accommodation and LACORS guidance.

As a tenant you want to be sure you are living in a safe environment. Ask the landlord for a copy of the most recent risk assessment, have a look through the notes below and ask relative questions. Contact us to get your electrical appliances tested. Does the landlord ask for a list of these? If he does then at least you can take some comfort that your fellow tenants are sensitive to the risks and thereby sharing the responsibility.

Some basic checks ... 

Eliminate electrical hazards - how are these risks managed?

  1. are high risk heaters used
  2. is there a policy to management risk of outside appliances brought in
  3. cooking in the rooms

Kitchen areas and laundry rooms - statistically this is where fires start.

Here’s a checklist:

  1. Users must be instructed to follow a robust policy of not leaving cooking unattended, and certainly no cooking whilst intoxicated. Knowledge of where the fire appliances and power isolation points are.
  2. Kitchen cleanliness is crucial; grease is highly combustible
  3. Machines and driers not to be used at night time
  4. Filters to be cleaned ensuring they are free of lint and dust
Fire doors are crucial to keeping a fire in one place. 
  1. Is your bedroom door solid? 
    • Has it got a self-closing device? 
    • Can you stick your little finger around the edges? If so it may need attention. 
  2. Are there smoke brushes and seals around the perimeter edges or in the frame? Kitchen doors must have self-closing devices.
Detectors are so important to provide early warning to fire.
  1. One on each floor, kitchens with detectors to be fitted and in good working order.

Co-operation and coordination is vital.

Actually those very words are covered under Article 22 of The Fire Safety Order 2005. Do you fall foul of this…?

Remember “if something is not right, do something about it or report it !”


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“Mark and his team completed Fire Risk Assessment and some basic training for the staff in all our shops countrywide.  This has standardised our practices and ensures compliance”

Sue Ashton

It's particularly helpful that HASAW can complete Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Training and PAT Testing in one visit

Louise McWeeney
Connection Capital, Daventry, Northamptonshire

We would like to thank HASAW for the Fire Risk Assessment and Fire Training that was carried our back in February 2018

Richard Smith
The Furniture Centre, Kettering, Northamptonshire
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